John Boos Cutting Boards the Best Kitchen Cutting Board for Food Safety

Nourishment cross sullying and sustenance harming are two things to be totally worried about in the expert culinary condition also has the home cooking condition. Fortunately, in the expert culinary condition various boards are used to anticipate sustenance cross defilement and this strategy is likewise fundamental to use in the home cooking condition also.


As expressed utilizing numerous kitchen boards for various types of sustenance stuffs forestalls nourishment cross tainting. At the end of the day this implies sanitation. While using various kitchen boards, similar to my John Boos cutting boards a blade will cut depressions into the wood similarly as the blade will cut sections into the plastic and other engineered boards. These depressions is the place the germs and microscopic organisms will cover up and multiply and this is the manner by which you can get sustenance cross defilement which parallels nourishment harming! It is prescribed to dependably utilize one kitchen board for crude sustenance’s, similar to vegetables and one kitchen board for meat and another for poultry. I utilize Sharpie markers to shading code my John Boos cutting boards. Green for crude vegetables, red for meat, and yellow for poultry. I put a major shaded spot on each of the four sides of each of my boards. This works extremely well!

Cleaning and sterilizing your boards are a breeze. To start with wash and purify utilizing hot lathery water and some immaculate Clorox fade. Now and again you may need to level your boards, yet with a leading body of hard shake maple like a John Boos cutting board, not that regularly. You can likewise scour your boards with coarse fit salt and half of a lemon. This works truly well and spruce things up to! For wood molding utilize a sustenance review mineral oil or nourishment review butcher piece oil produced using Linseeds. This will keep the wood glistening and delicate and shield it from drying out.

You can have kitchen cutting boards produced using numerous engineered materials, yet the truth is that in reports by the National Sanitary Foundation it found that hard shake maple boards like the John Boos cutting board is more clean than even synthetics.

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